Owens Vs Cuyahoga Falls

Recently in our Television Production class, we have been working on filming and capturing photos. Here are some of the photos I caught!

Owens Express Team won all four games.


Culture Clash and OCCR

For our final project in Visual Storytelling. We were given a project to go out and find a story for Owens Community College.

I decided to go out with Owens Community College radio and check out the event called Vinylthon. Vinylthon is an event that colleges have and you can listen to old records. Well, Culture Clash Records had a line out the door for their event for their own vinyl record day. This family-owned store had business booming!

I had a lot to learn about focusing and how to plan for my video and just make it look like a documentary style. Not only that, I still have much to learn about focusing in on the subjects instead of having them look like a blur. Overall, I had a wonderful time!

Around the campus life.

In my Visual Storytelling class decided to take on a new learning experience which is working on the video experience side of the camera.

On my own time, I work on my own Youtube videos and create gaming content. This time around I had to challenge myself and try something new. We had to work in groups of two so that we could learn how the process of using the camera functions.

With my group member Ted, we went down to heritage hall to interview some students for the campus pulse. I must say it was a lot of fun stepping out of our own bubble. Check out in the video about the stories of some of the Owens students.

Ready? Set! Shoot!

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In my Visual Storytelling class, we are learning the art and importance of taking photos on manual mode.

I’ve had my Canon Rebel T6 for about two years now. I had no clue on what any of the features did. I have always been in front of the camera. However, I’ve never taken the moment to see how all of the controls worked. Our teacher thankfully gave us the chance to go try the settings out.

I learned about metering and how to meter my camera off of neutral colors, specifically 18% gray. I also learned that there is a metering bar in the viewfinder of my camera. I learned a lot of features like aperture settings and shutter speed. I had no clue how to change any of those settings.

Silhouette :Aperture: 7.1
Shutter: 1/2000
Exp. Comp.: 0.0
Flash Comp.:
Program: Aperture Priority



This assignment was a big challenge for me, and I really felt like a newbie from the moment I turned it on. I was used to just shooting video. With the camera assignment my journey began, and I learned so much about what a camera can do.


I learned how to make a background look blurry and the subject stand out by using a shallow depth of field, which is my accomplished by using a large aperture like f4. My favorite techniques were panning shots and rule of thirds because they gave me a chance control the features.

Although I learned so much from this journey, I feel I still have a long way to go to better my photography.



Let’s Dive in with Dr.Catherine Pratt!

Ever wanted to know the story about your teachers here at Owens? Well , I took  moment to sit down with Dr.Catherine Pratt to learn about her background and her life at Owens. I learned that if you put your mind to anything, you can do it. Dr. Pratt has lived in Ohio and lived in New York City, from being an alumni at Bowling Green State University. She’s done amazing things since, from interviews to traveling and sports. Dr.Pratt has impressed many people and is a huge inspiration to everyone!

Check out the Interview down below!

Let there be Freedom

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

-The First Amendment

Source: https://www.constituteproject.org/constitution/United_States_of_America_1992


First Amendment and The Laws and Ethics

The First Amendment is a strong document that originated from 1791. It helps our rights as human beings and gives us the rights to free speech and religion. As a photojournalist, it is important that we have freedom of speech and give an honest feel as to what we can report. We the people, are allowed to have our lives be at peace with basic human rights. The laws are set so they are not able to use your opinion against you. A life without the First Amendment will never help anyone progress far. The First Amendment is what our country is made from. We should always fight for our rights to freedom of speech and keep our people having a loud voice.

Why is freedom of speech important? Freedom of speech is very important because in todays world it is at a HIGH risk for Press Freedom. Considering the current United States President wants to make sure his followers think that the media is fake news. Not only that he is trying to prevent everyone from listening to the media. He even has a few people convinced that fake news is true. That is when the laws and ethics kick in from things such as manipulating the news and pandering false information. An example of that, would be Fox News, how in one of their news clips they insulted “liberals” and were stereotyping the younger people who lived there. The sources there even showed the statistics and the proven facts on how wrong Fox News was about giving their information. Then there is laws like the First Amendment that protects these reports from happening (most of the time) .  Source: Addicting Info

Another reason why the First Amendment is important is because of photography laws. A lot of people do not actually know how much freedom photo journalist does have when it comes to it. For example, from WXYZ Detroit News, a photographer was arrested for filming a on going crime scene. However, the photojournalist did not break any laws. She followed procedure and went along with the laws. However, a Detroit police officer was out of his legal bounds and arrested her without reviewing the first amendment laws. That woman was then released eight hours later from the issue. This even proves that not even the law enforcement is above the law. It saves people from being put in jail, for something that is not illegal.

The main reason why the First Amendment is so important to us because it protects the rights of the people. Shockingly, there are so many of the code of ethics that are violated and just go on not even acknowledged. However, we still try to keep the freedom of speech alive no matter how hard they try to take it away. It will always remain a huge part of our lives so that journalism can remain protected and even outside of journalism. In everyday lives we express freedom of speech everywhere we go and it’s a matter of following by them and fighting for that right to keep it alive.