Twenty One Pilots has taken their Bandito Tour to New levels Worldwide, bringing fans together.

I have been a “TOP” fan for years since their album “Regional at Best” dropped in 2011, an old friend was scrolling through Tumblr, she told me about their song “Holding onto You”, since then I had become a part of the clique. Before the remaster of the “Holding onto You”, I had the mp3’s and would constantly keep them on repeat my whole senior year. Of course, this was before the ending era of My Chemical Romance, so it was constantly switching CD’s before Auxiliary Cords were a thing.

By 2013, I’m nineteen year’s old and I hear “Holding onto You” on the radio, I sat there listening and enjoying every moment of it, by then this was the release of “Vessel” . My friend and I immediately bought the album, the day it came out. Soon came “BlurryFace” and now I welcome you to “Trench”. I was at each release and missed not a single album.

Now, I can finally say I lived my dream of finally attending one of their amazing concerts on the General Admission floor side. I have been to Warped Tour, My Chemical Romance, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park, and many more, this was the first concert to bring me to tears, three times.  Tyler and Josh put out so much energy and of course, their stage crew, light tech, sound directors, and the person who did the visuals for the show all did a PHENOMENAL job. The energy in the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan was out of this world.  I should mention…

It wasn’t easy getting this close. But it was worth it.



I asked other Clique Members since they’ve been lined up for about a week, “What does Twenty One Pilots mean to you?”

India Johnson: Their music brought me back my faith to God. That’s the shorter version! Since then their music has helped me cope with suicidal thoughts and overcoming my mom’s death.

Karina Gibson: I struggle with Bipolar Disorder, so it is hard for me to control my emotions and thoughts when I first heard TØP, I was going through one of the worst years I ever had. I tried to commit suicide and ended up in the hospital that night. I broke up with my boyfriend and he quickly became destructive and threatened to kill me, and began to stalk me. The moment I heard “Truce” after that traumatizing experience, it hit so close to home.

Sierra: TØP has saved my life in every way. They’ve helped me deal with my anxiety, depression and self-harm, they’ve brought me out of my shell and helped me make friends. I’m so grateful for them. They have changed my life.

Megan Manuel: I started listening to their music a lot more when I was a freshman in college four years ago. The lyrics of TØPs music I could relate to tremendously. I’ve dealt with depression for the past nine years. I’ve struggled with self-harm for a bit throughout college. I had major knee surgery during college. But TØP was there during the dark times. They keep me going and seeing them in concert always means the world to me.


As for me? My story in short the lyrics to Holding onto You ,

Remember the moment
You know exactly where you’re goin’
‘Cause the next moment before you know it
Time is slowin’ and it’s rolling still
And the windowsill looks really nice, right?
You think twice about your life
It probably happens at night, right? Fight it, take the pain, ignite it
Tie a noose around your mind
Loose enough to breathe fine and tie it
To a tree tell it, you belong to me, this ain’t a noose
This is a leash and I have news for you
You must obey me

07/18/2012 and 10/24/2014 was the time I told the tree I had news for you and that it must obey me.

If you or know someone going through some hard times in life and need someone to talk too. Please don’t hesitate to call.

Call 1-800-273-8255


We all left this concert with new friendships and memories. 100/10 doing it again.


top frens.jpg

Stay Alive Frens.




Telling the Stories of Senior Citizens

In my spare, I’ve been going to Senior Citizens and interviewing them for stories of their past. Originally, this started off as a school project. But with it being 2019, I figured, why not give family members something to remember them by! I’ve spent my spare time, making memory card albums for those to keep as a memory for their families.

I started this project with my 91-year-old Grandmother-in-law. She was super sweet! She has so much to tell the world! I couldn’t fit it all in one video!

“I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps!”- Frank Sinatra

“The city that never sleeps.”  “The Big Apple”  “You will never see another city like New York!”

Ah! New York City! The dream place to mark off the list of places I’ve visited. A girl from like me whose home is in Detroit, Michigan to New York City!  One hour flight and boy was the turbulence insane! But we landed safely and my adventure began! In fact, we didn’t return to our hotel until about five in the morning! That was only the first day, we walked everywhere. The first lesson, I will not wear converse as walking shoes again! It was about 45 degrees, so it was tolerable to walk in and take the Subway everywhere. Where I come from the only form of “train public transportation” is the “People Mover” in Detroit, however, it only goes in a circle. So, adjusting ourselves to the public transit was no biggie! Especially, using the app called “City Mapper” and “Google Maps”! Frankly, they were life savers! Although, protip, be sure to carry your phone chargers with you everywhere!

We had Bagels, that were as big as our faces they were the size of giant burgers. The moment you finished your food, you would be stuffed! On the other hand, when we walked to the next location, we were hungry again! So you never go hungry in NYC! (Trust me) Walk it all and take the subway! You will love how you feel after! Along the way, we checked out the One World Trade Center, (I was seven when 9/11 happened so it was nice to go pay our respects after seeing the live events) We went near the empire state building and Times Square!

Ah, New York is the place to be! I will definitely be back!

If you want to see me talk more (Click here) or see my older post below for my trip to NYC)

New York City!

It’s my first time in New York (First full memory of NYC technically, my second time.)

I went out to go explore the city and view the future home I’d love to be in! So here is a little traveling Vlog I mixed together. I had a bit of downtime with editing due to school! So here I am!